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  • The diagram below is a cross - section of a typical dwelling in a zed
  • The zed products supply chain more or less follows these principles
  • Before its put fully into practice , its legal efficiency has to be domestic zed
  • Zeds are designed to increase the available green space and to maintain the biodiversity of the area
  • Cad standard parts file ; specification of geometry and parameters ; semi - manufactured product , zeds - section
  • The picture is titled " anachronism " because zed is from a very technologically advanced society
  • I have attained a better result , especially the synthesi zed route of chiral additive , which has great application value
    特别是合成手性添加剂r _ ( 811 )时所采用的合成路线具有很大的应用价值。
  • Abstract : this paper introduces the application of centrali zed and decentralized control system in the production process of digging s coking plant
  • Dinosaurs tend to have highly vascular zed bone early in life and then develop dense bone with growth rings as they reach maturity
  • Below a street level view up a zed scheme mews , with terraced gardens above shops facing the residential element on the left hand side
  • Below an aerial view of a mews made up of zed in a box units . steps send up to maisonetteds on the left with skygardens over shops to the right
  • He may also feel uncomfortable about defending a zed planning brief in an appeal scenario , especially if the site is not owned by a local authority
  • The contents page shows where the zed ' tools ' are first used and described , though many are used throughout a project ( such as the zed estimator )
  • It shows how to calculate the value of planning gain needed to level the playing field between standardized house building and the increased costs associated with a zed scheme
  • With the help of real - time hardware interruption processing and multi - threading technique , the real time performance of control software is optimi zed
  • The properties of solitary wave solution to multidimensional regulari zed long wave equations is discussed and one of its solitary wave solution is ob tained by direct integral method
  • The use of zed standard housetypes has already been described in section 2 . data sheets and layouts for the current range of housetypes are given on pages 30 - 31 and 44 - 51
    对于zed标准的房屋类型已经在第二章详细介绍了。目前已有房屋类型的数据表和相关图纸在30 31页和44 51页给出。
  • For instance , zeds surpass ecohomes " excellent " , have a sap equivalent of 150 ( cf . the maximum sap2001 value of 120 ) , and exceed energy conservation building regulations
    比如,零能耗开发超过生态住宅的优秀等级,其sap相当于150 ( sap2001的最大值为120 ) ,并高于能源消耗建筑规范要求。
  • The pages at the end of each chapter , together with inserts interspersed within the main text , provide the example methods and case studies under the zed toolkit umbrella , which help explain how to do it
  • Abstract : the properties of solitary wave solution to multidimensional regulari zed long wave equations is discussed and one of its solitary wave solution is ob tained by direct integral method
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