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  • In some xerophytes , such as cacti , most of the leaves are modified into spines , greatly reducing the leaf area for transpiration ; the photosynthetic function of the leaves is taken over by the green stems
  • Many researches show , the environmental adaptable process of the xerophytecan be divided into two different stages . in the first stage , seeds sprout and fini - sh the adaptation xerophytic process ; in the second stage , xerophyte grows in arid condition by using natural water
  • Weather or not the vegetation restoration and rebuilt can be achieved will largely depend on weather or not sprout can build up the mechanism to resist dry stress . this point of view has been pro - ved by plants living on the natural water . usually the xerophyte has particular ability to endure drought for long term
  • The fact that the xerop - hyte grows naturally in desert presents that the sprout of xerophyte has special adaptive ability to endure the first draught season in its life . it is the most essential factor for the sprout of the xerophyte going through the first hot summer to build up the xeromorphic structure and physiological function
    在水分条件渐减乃至干旱、炎热的立地条件中,幼苗能否及时适应? ?旱生结构的迅速形成与生理功能的迅速完善,是决定旱生植物能否在荒漠气候条件下继续生长的至关重要的因素。
  • 4 the optimal water niche of m . h and m c are wetter than middle soil water content , belongs to mesophytes ; the optimal water niche of mosla scabra , on photosynthesis is more wetter than that of m . h and me , the optimal water niche between mesophytes and hygrophytes , and leaning to hygrophytes ; the photosynthetic water condition of m . d is arid environments , and its ecotype exits between mesophytes and xerophytes , and leaning to xerophytes . 5 m . h and m . s are locating between shade plants and sun plants , while m . c and m . d obviously belong to sun plants
    4 、杭州石荠?与华荠?光合的最适水分条件是中等偏湿,其水分生态类型应属于中生植物;石荠?光合的最适水分条件比杭州石荠?与华荠?光合的最适水分条件要求更湿,其水分生态类型介于中生和湿生植物之间,更偏向湿生;小鱼仙草光合作用的水分生态条件是干旱条件,其水分生态类型介于中生与旱生植物之间,更偏向旱生。
  • The paper made an ecological anatomy , a cultivation experiment on the lime - soil habtat and an analysis on the diurnal variation of photosynthetic an transpiration rate from three aspects of morphology , transplantation , physiology . the conclusion is that : ( 1 ) from the viewpoint of morphological anatomy , it has typical xerophyte structure such as strong root system , small leaf area , dense floss under the leaf surface , high stomatal density , the small opening degree , developed vessels and palisade tissues etc
    从形态学、栽培学和生理学三方面对迷迭香进行生态解剖、石灰土上的栽培实验以及光合蒸腾速率日进程的分析,得出以下结论: ( 1 )在形态解剖上:迷迭香具有发达的根系,较小的叶面积,叶片下表面密被绒毛,气孔密度大,开度小,厚的角质层和发育良好的木质部和栅栏组织等典型的旱生结构。
  • The ways of study are followed : insp - ecting and observing their living condition on the open fields ; cultivating sp - rout , examining physiological and biochemical changes in plants ; paraffin sec - tioning . the study results show : due to the species diversity , though the sproutsof xerophyte have several strategies to adapt to environmental drought in the long term evolution process , they have obtained same adapting mechanism to the short of water
  • The characteristics of biodiversity of yellow river delta are as follows : the vegetation structure is simplex and coverage is lower , which is characterized with obvious younger nature and abundant wetland ; the flora composition is simple , the plants usually could resist against salt and drought ; the xerophytes and meso - xerophytes are abundant , there are many mutual species with inner mongolia , which incarnated the biology corridor function of yellow river ; there are many animal species belong to national protected species , so the significance for biodiversity protection is great
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