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  • Xe series of om from italy in cemat asia
  • Evaluation on blood platelet count by sysmex xe - 2100 hematology analyzer
  • The application value of optical platelet assay with sysmex xe - 2100 blood analyzer
  • Study for the negative parity energy spectrum of ba and xe isotopes nuclei with effective three - body potential
  • Sunrise international hotel offers 248 guest rooms including superior room , delu - xe room , executive suites and presidenti - al suit
  • The practical value of optical assay of platelet count by sysmex xe - 2100 hematoloical analyzer in abnormal platelet particle size distribution histogram
  • Conclusion aerosol inhalation of " chuan xe zhi " is quite effective for asthmatic bronchitis and acute attack of asthma
  • Hardy ' s weakness derived from his apparent inability to control the comings ab nd goings of these divergent impulses and from his unwillingness to cultivate and sustain the energetic and risky o xes
  • In this study , lexa mutant of deinococcus radiodurans xe has been successfully constructed . the survival curve of this strain was measured using colony formation assay after treatment with different doses of radiation and different times of mmc
    本研究利用已构建的抗辐射菌lexa基因突变体菌株xe ,经受不同剂量射线照射和不同时间的mmc作用,平板菌落计数,绘制存活曲线。
  • The effect of ni + ion on luminescence had not been detected by fluorescence experiments for implanted doped crystals . 5 ) the xe ion peak concentration lies at a depth of about 47nm under the surface . after ion implantations , the two peaks in o1s spectrum merge into a single one
    ( 5 )注入的xe ~ +在距表面47nm处浓度取得最大值,离子注入使两种类型氧格点的化学环境变得相似, o _ ( 1s )谱的两个峰融合为一个峰。
  • The blue shift could be associated with precipitation of xe gas bubbles . since the precipitation will change the defect morphology and reduce the sizes of each isolated defects , so to intensify the quantum size effects of nano - particles and induce the observed band gap broadening
    10 ~ ( 17 ) cm ~ ( - 2 )样品峰位蓝移,是由于xe以气泡形式析出,改变了缺陷形态、使缺陷的分立尺寸减小,纳米粒子的量子尺寸效应变得明显,导致能隙展宽。
  • In this paper , the time - resolved spectrum measurement instrument has been improved and optimized based on what we have done , the real experiments for measuring time - resolved spectrum of xe flash - lamp and time - resolved spectrum of matter under pulse laser shocking were made
  • ( 1 ) the performance of the some lamp - house are compared , such as the incandescent lamp , the halogen - lamp and the xe - lamp , the experiment result shows it is difficulty that the incandescent lamp and halogen - lamp are maked solar simulator . but the xe - lamp cannot be used because the price is too high
  • Thirdly , we developed a spectrometer for spectrum diagnosis of soft x - ray pulse sources , and used it to measure spectra of liquid o2 , co2 , cf4 , kr and xe spray target lpp sources in 6 - 20nm band for 8x 10uw / cm2 laser irradiance the results coincide with cowan calculation fairly well
  • The studies on optical properties and irradiation effect of heavy ion implanted samples are very important from both theoretical and applied view points . in this work , the optical properties and defect structures in xe + - implanted ysz and ni + - implanted al2o3 were studied by using optical spectroscopy , tem , xps and trim 96 calculation . it was found that 1 ) a broad absorption band centered at 522 nm was observed in 1 1016 cm - 2 xe + - implanted ysz
    离子注入是一种重要的表面改性技术, ysz ( yttria - stabilizedcubiczirconia )和- al _ 2o _ 3是两种性能优良的陶瓷,前者是目前发现的最抗辐照的绝缘体,而后者则是抗辐照最差的绝缘体材料之一,研究重离子注入对其光学性能的影响并以此研究辐照效应,有重要的理论意义和应用价值。
  • For liquid xe aerosol spray target , important lpp characteristics , such as laser - to - euv conversion efficiency , euv radiation absorption , debris production by target material erosion or deposition , are studied in detail , a 13 . 4nm conversion efficiency of 0 . 75 % into 2 % bandwidth and 2 steradian emission solid angle is achieved at 0 . 5mm laser - nozzle distance
    在实验上,建成了一套高光谱分辨率和高灵敏度的软x射线脉冲辐射测量装置。测量了co _ 2 、 o _ 2 、 cf _ 4 、 kr和xe液体微滴喷射靶lpp光源在6 20nm波段的软x射线辐射光谱。
  • Thirdly , a new anisotropic potential energy surface is presented for the he - no system according to the ms potential model . the potential is not only quite agreement with the accurate esmsv potential for the system , but also has the same form and part parameters for the ms potentials of other rare gases ( ar , kr , xe ) with no molecule
    第三,根据ms势模型给出了he - no系统的各向异性势能面,该势能面不仅与he - no较准确的势能面esmsv符合较好,而且与其它惰性气体原子( ar 、 kr 、 xe )与no分子的ms势具有相同的形式和部分势能参数。
  • The time resolution of 43 s and 1 78 s , the wavelength range of 350 - 800nm and the wavelength resolution of 0 . 3nm have been reached in the experiment of xe flash - lamp spectral measuring . the time resolution of 100 s is obtained in the experiment of spectral measurement of matter under shock compressed with the same wavelength detecting range and the same wavelength resolution
  • By analyzing the differentiae of the total cross sections ( tcs ) , the differential cross sections ( dcs ) , the partial wave cross sections ( pcs ) , the change patterns of the cross sections and the influence on the cross sections because of the var iations in the mass of systems and the relative kinetic energy of incoming atoms for symmetric isotopically substituted systems he , ne , ar , kr , xe - h2 , d2 , t2 have been obtained . in this paper , we use the tang - toennies potential model for the inertia gas atoms - h2 systems , the murrell - sorbie potential surface with five parameters for the molecules h2 , d2 , t2 . for the inertia gas atoms - d2 , t2 systems , we use the same potential surface with the inertia gas atoms - h2 systems
    通过分析he 、 ne 、 ar 、 kr 、 xe ? h _ 2 、 d _ 2 、 t _ 2各碰撞体系在总截面、微分截面和分波截面等方面的差异,总结出在h _ 2分子的对称同位素替代情形下惰性气体原子与h _ 2分子体系碰撞截面的变化规律;通过比较he 、 ne 、 ar 、 kr 、 xe ? h _ 2 、 d _ 2 、 t _ 2各体系在碰撞总截面、微分截面、分波截面等方面的不同,详细讨论了同位素替代碰撞体系中体系约化质量及入射原子的相对碰撞能量的变化对碰撞截面的影响,得出了这种影响的规律性。
  • Therefore the profit expression with these two variablesharvesting efforts e and its mapping equilibrium xe could be translated into an expression which included only one variantthe positive equilibrium xe so that the problem is converted into the one of seeking stationary points in the range we requied by calculus essential principal . this equaled to solve a n - dimension linear equation group and we could easily analyse every possible situation of the solutions
    由于此时系统的正平衡点存在且唯一,可从系统模型中求出正平衡点与相应捕获努力量之间的关系式,从而可将包含捕获努力量e和正平衡点x _ e两个未知量的利润表达式转化为只含正平衡点x _ e的表达式
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