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at the foot of the mountain 中文是什么意思

用"at the foot of the mountain"造句"at the foot of the mountain"怎么读
  • 在山脚下
  • "foot"中文翻译    n. (pl. feet ) 1.脚,足。 2.步调,脚 ...
  • "mountain"中文翻译    n. 1.(比 hill 大的)山,山岳;〔pl.〕山脉 ...
  • "foot of mountain"中文翻译    山脚; 山麓
  • "foot of the mountain"中文翻译    还是你觉得
  • "at the foot of the yanhong mountain"中文翻译    雁鸿岭下
  • "my home at the foot of the mountain"中文翻译    山下是故乡
  • "near the foot of a mountain"中文翻译    在山脚下附近
  • "the southern foot of taishan mountain"中文翻译    泰山南麓
  • "wreaths at the foot of the mountain"中文翻译    高山下的花环/卫国军魂
  • "mountain"中文翻译    n. 1.(比 hill 大的)山,山岳;〔pl.〕山脉。 2.〔the M-〕山岳党〔法国第一次革命时占据议会最高座位的左派政党〕。 3.山一样(巨大)的东西;大量。 the Rocky Mountains 〔美国〕落基山脉。 rolling mountains 滔天大浪。 a mountain of rubbish 垃圾堆。 a mountain of (difficulties, debts) 山一般的(困难、债等)。 a mountain of flesh 大胖子。 make a mountain out of a molehill 小题大做。 remove mountains 移山倒海;行奇迹,做惊人举动。 The mountain has brought forth a mouse. = the mountain in labour 费力大收效小;雷声大雨点小。
  • "the mountain is"中文翻译    山是
  • "a foot"中文翻译    一只脚
  • "at the foot of"中文翻译    在脚下; 在…的脚下
  • "foot"中文翻译    n. (pl. feet ) 1.脚,足。 2.步调,脚步。 3.〔集合词〕步兵。 4.(器物的)足部;(山)麓;帆的下缘。 5.底部,底座,最下部;压脚板;末尾。 6.?,英尺(=12英寸,1/3?码,0.3048米)。 ★作长度单位时,前为数词,单数也可用作复数。 例: two foot six = two feet six (inches). 7.【音韵学】音步。 8.(pl. foots) 渣滓,沉淀物;粗糖,油糟。 9.【动物;动物学】跗节。 10.【植物;植物学】花梗,发状根。 have a light foot 脚步轻。 have leaden [heavy] feet 脚步沉重,行动迟缓。 the foot of a bed 床头的对面一端〔opp. the head of a bed 床头;床的脚为 the legs of a bed〕。 the foot of the list 表列的下端。 the 42nd foot 步兵第42团。 foot and horse 步兵与骑兵。 at the foot of a hill 在山脚。 at the foot of a class 全班的最后一名。 fleet [swift] of foot 行动敏捷,健步如飞。 Better the foot slip than the tongue trip. = Better to slip with the foot than with the tongue. 〔谚语〕宁可失脚滑倒,不可随口失言。 at a foot's pace 用步行速度,常步。 at sb.'s feet 在某人脚下[门下、手下](sit at sb.'s feet 拜某人为师)。 be carried out with one's feet foremost 被抬出去埋葬。 be sure of foot 踏实。 betray [display, show] the colven foot 露马脚。 bring sb. to his feet 扶起某人。 carry [sweep, take] sb. off his feet 使人兴奋,使人狂热。 catch sb. on the wrong foot 使人措手不及。 change foot [feet] 换脚,换步。 drag one's feet 1. 拖着脚步走。 2. 故意拖拉,迟缓误事。 drop [fall] on one's feet 运气好,没有跌着;安然脱险,幸免于难。 feel one's feet [legs, wing] 感到有把握。 feet of clay 泥足,外强中干的,不堪一击的 (a colossus with feet of clay 泥足巨人)。 find one's feet 开始站稳;能独立行动。 find [get, know, take] the length of sb.'s foot 抓到某人的弱点。 foot by foot 一步一步;逐渐。 foot to foot 短兵相接。 have a foot in the dish 有一份,获得立足点。 have cold feet 害怕,胆寒,畏缩,不敢上阵。 have [with] one foot in the grave 风烛残年,离死不远。 have one's foot into 插足。 have [put, set] one's foot on the neck of sb. 压服某人。 have two left feet 笨极了。 jump [spring] to one's feet 突然站起来,跃起。 keep one's feet 站稳。 lay sth. at sb.'s feet 把某物献在某人脚下。 lift off one's feet (被水等)冲[撞]倒。 measure another man's foot by one's own last 以己度人。 miss one's foot 失脚,踏空,走乱步子。 my [me] foot ! 〔口语〕怪啦! 胡说!去你的! not to lift [move, stir] a foot 一步也不动。 off one's feet 躺着,坐着,跌倒;不知所措;措手不及;不能控制自己。 on foot 步行;在进行中 (go on foot 走着去。 set a plan on foot 实施计划)。 on one's feet 站起;健康复原,经济独立,自立。 pull foot 逃走。 put one's best foot foremost [forward] 争先快走;全力以赴。 put [set] one's foot down 立定脚跟;坚持立场;拿定主张。 put one's foot in [into] it 〔口语〕弄糟,闹笑话,引起麻烦。 put one's feet up 〔口语〕双腿平搁起来休息。 raise sb. to his feet 扶起某人。 rise [spring, struggle] to one's foot 站起。 rush sb. off his feet 使某人措手不及。 scrape one's feet 用脚擦地作声。 set foot in 进入。 set foot on 踏上。 set on foot 着手。 set sb. [sth.] on his [its] feet 使某人[物]独立生存[存在]下去。 shoot oneself in the foot搬起石头砸自己的脚。 sling a nasty foot 〔俚语〕跳舞跳得到家。 sweep sb. off his foot 使某人大为激动〔不能控制自己〕。 take to one's feet 走出,步行,走去。 trample [tread] under foot 践踏,蹂躏;虐待。 under sb.'s foot [feet] 屈服于人,唯命是从。 with both feet 强烈地,坚决地。 with one's feet foremost 死去。 with one's wrong foot foremost 心情不好。 vt. 1.踏在…上,在…上走,在…上跳;跳(舞)。 2.〔口语〕结(账),付(款)。 3.给(袜子等)换底。 4.(鹰等)以爪捕捉。 foot the road 走路。 foot the floor 跳舞。 foot (up) an account 结算账目。 foot a bill 付账。 vi. 1.步行;踏拍子;跳舞。 2.〔俚语〕合计;共达。 3.(船等)前进。 foot up to $500. 共计五百元。 foot it 〔口语〕走着去,跳舞。 foot up 〔口语〕凑成,凑足。
  • "in foot"中文翻译    步行
  • "on foot"中文翻译    步行, 在进行中; 步行,走路; 步行;在进行中; 活的; 就象在野生动物园里步行; 如此…以至于,如此…以使; 实施中; 徒步; 走路,步行; 走路;步行
  • "the foot of"中文翻译    之底部
  • "foot by foot"中文翻译    一步一步地; 逐渐
  • "mountain gun; mountain artillery"中文翻译    山炮
  • "foot , adjustment foot"中文翻译    支脚
  • "foot for foot basis"中文翻译    换一
  • "foot piece (foot frog)"中文翻译    脚座
  • "foot to foot balance"中文翻译    脚上站立
  • "foot warmer; foot stove"中文翻译    脚炉
  • "left foot,right foot"中文翻译    左脚右脚
  • They camped at the foot of the mountain .
  • The simurgh saw the helpless babe lying at the foot of the mountain .
  • Small villages scatter at the foot of the mountain
  • Their factory is located at the foot of the mountain
  • They erected their tent at the foot of the mountain
  • Small villages scatter at the foot of the mountain
  • They reside in a cottage at the foot of the mountain
  • First view of trabadelo at the foot of the mountain
  • The explorers set up a base at the foot of the mountain
  • There are rows of tents at the foot of the mountain
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